About us

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I love fashion and I love shopping, but what I love most of all is to shop for you! I am all about quality and latest trends at affordable prices. I like to be personally involved and give individual attention!

As a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful supporting husband it was always my dream to own my own clothing company.

With the COVID lockdown in full swing I finally got the courage to start planning on my long life dream and ordered my first batch of clothes! Nerve wrecking to say the least…but so it all started!

Dainty Dot Wear was born and what initially started as a few friends supporting my dream, soon converted into an aspiration to grow this venture. So why not go the Online route, I thought, especially given the current COVID recommendations to rather avoid the shops.

I encourage clients to contact me on WhatsApp should you need any help with the sizing or are unsure about anything. Our number is on our website. 

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