Selcouth Wanderlust Leather Shoes


Leather is an authentic and unique material and no piece looks exactly the same due to its natural properties.  At the tannery they can use the same colours on the leather but the result of each piece will still differ as every piece is not the same and has different characteristics.

Wanderlust Leather Co is committed to using only genuine leather for their products, part of owning a genuine leather item is having something unique that can never be duplicated in the exact same way.  We think that’s kind of wonderful.

Wear them: everywhere you go:

The best way to get the most from your leather products is; ENJOY THOSE BEAUTIES. Wanderlust is all about adventures and wandering down unknown avenues. Explore as much as you can, travel as far as your feet will take you. They handcraft products that you can wear anywhere. The best part of owning a pair of Wanderlust genuine leather friends is that they are lifelong companions. The more you wear them the greater they look, your adventures will add memories to your life and character to theirs.

Best of both worlds:

Dress them up or dress them down #thisiswhatthefashionpeoplesay. Whether you are going to Rietvlei or your wedding day, your Wanderlust Leather shoes will be fitting for the occasion. Chances are that if you own a pair or aspire to, you have a heart for adventure. Unusual pairings with your shoes will never make you stand out in a bad way as we have designed them to look classy. If you wear them with your tracksuit we might suggest that you do that in your garden. Just joking. Do whatever you like.


Do not choose a size bigger than what you normally wear. If you are between a size, choose the smaller size as the leather will stretch.

Jaunt Wanderlust Leather Shoes
The Rue Wanderlust Leather Shoes
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Give a little love:

It might seem really obvious but a little love and care for your “vellies” can go a long way. Polish them regularly and they will make you look like a million bucks. Thank goodness a tub of Leather Care is much cheaper, if you have not yet, purchase one. We are not just trying to sell you things, we are interested in keeping you cool.

High and Dry:

It might be inevitable that your pair of Jaunts or Bens might need to cross a river or two on your wild and wonderful adventures. Although it is not recommended to get your leather products wet, we know that life happens. Put them outside to dry, (away from direct sunlight) and they will be just fine. We share this with love because nothing that stays wet smells fantastic. 🙂Where the sun shines:

Don’t expose your leather treasures to direct sunlight for long amounts of time. You know what happens if you leave yourself on Ballito beach for too long, streaky bacon is not a great look for anyone.

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Shoe Sizes

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Shoe Colour

Brown, Caramel, Cognac

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